Trump Campaign's Massive Ground Game and Digital Push Continues in Texas

As President Donald Trump was giving speeches over the Independence Day holiday, campaign volunteers spent the Fourth of July weekend registering Republican voters in Texas.

"Just last weekend alone, Trump Victory Texas contacted over 75,000 voters in the Lone Star State and over two million voters nationwide," says regional spokeswoman Samantha Cotten. "We've also doubled the number of voter registrations collected in all of the 2016 cycle."

"So far this cycle we've contacted 1.5 million voters in the state of Texas alone."

Cotten says the Trump campaign's massive outreach and digital push have gone virtually unnoticed by Democrats and the media obsessed with conspiracies and COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have had boots on the ground in Texas for multiple cycles now. Whereas the Biden campaign is parachuting in to states like Texas at the 11th hour and hoping to win over voters," she says. "But we, through our neighborhood team model, have built up an immense ground game. One of the largest ground games in American history."

The campaign also continues host online town forums and other events with groups such as "Latinos for Trump" and "Black Voices for Trump."

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