COVID-19 tests could cost you more than you realize

If you aren't careful, the test you get for COVID-19 could cost you an arm and a leg.

A good example of this was two friends in Texas that got tested. One was billed $199 while the other was billed more than $6-thousand.

"The other person used their insurance thinking they were protected," said David Balat with the Texas Public Policy Foundation. "What really ended up happening was that he got charged at a significant rate."

The guy that didn't go through insurance got the bigger break. David Balat with the Texas Public Policy Foundation says we'd make better decisions if we knew beforehand how much these things cost.

"This will happen when people are outraged enough to start getting involved. That has to happen at the grassroots level," Balat stated.

The President announced transparency requirements last year to go into effect in January of 2021. But that's being challenged in court.

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