Gun Sales Are Up, As Indicated By Record High Background Checks

Gun sales are up again this year, as background checks hit a record high.

3.9 million. That's how many firearm background checks the FBI performed in June. It’s the most since the tracking system was created over two decades ago. The June number just beat out March, which was 3.7 million. Gun rights expert Emily Taylor, an attorney with Texas LawShield says based on recent events, the numbers don't surprise her.

“Right now we have our basic safety issue, which comes from the pandemic, it comes from civil unrest, from people feeling as though they need to be better prepared to protect themselves and their families,” Taylor said.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation says 40 percent are first-time buyers. Taylor expects to see high gun sales into November, with Americans stocking up before the election. Some potential gun buyers believe that if Democrats win big, they could impose restrictions on purchasing firearms.

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