Conservative Backlash to Anti-Police Rallies Could Motivate Voters

Conservatives say the Left is in for a major shock come November. Despite polls saying Joe Biden is in the lead, many believe the quite majority will cast their ballot for President Trump.

Americans are rejecting anti-police riots, street violence, and the defamation of historical landmarks. Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, thousands across the country rallied in support of law enforcement with the slogan “We Back Blue”. Conservative political activist Tim Fazenbaker was one of those who marched in Maryland.

“You’re seeing now the pushback saying we are going to protect our police. You can’t use them as a political ploy. We need the police. This is the American way of life. Police are important. Their families are important. The American way of life and justice are important, and that is why this is now resonating across the country,” Fazenbaker said.

Fazenbaker warns there's a dangerous anti-American sentiment among some members of the group Black Lives Matter. One of many reasons he says many will be motivated to vote this fall.

He also helped to create highlighting the problems that could arise due to expanding mail-in ballot voting.

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