House Democrats Pass Obamacare Expansion Just to Defy Trump

House Democrats pass a healthcare bill they know isn't going anywhere. Instead it's an apparent jab at the president.

As the Trump administration asks the Supreme Court to declare Obamacare unconstitutional, the House of Representatives this week passed legislation to expand the Affordable Care Act. Experts say it’s a political gesture. The Obamacare expansion act won't survive the Republican-controlled Senate or a presidential veto. Medical industry analyst Seth Denson with GDP Advisors says the problem with the bill lies in where Congress would get the money to pay for it.

“It’s going to come from robbing other programs like Medicare or Medicaid, or taxing more Americans to pay for it,” Denson said. “Maybe the third is print more of it and get into more deficit and debt.”

Denson says the president is trying to make the country's healthcare system more affordable by encouraging competition to drive drug prices down. He says there's only one good idea in the bill: the federal government should have the ability to negotiate the price of drugs. He hopes Republicans work the idea into their healthcare plans.

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