There's nothing like a pandemic to show us how divided we are politically

There's nothing like a pandemic to show you how deep the political divide is in this country.

According to numbers from the Pew Research Center 61% of Republicans think we have turned the corner on COVID-19. U-H's Jacquie Baly explains why that is.

"We saw when the partial re-opening of Texas started, how quickly we rebounded from an economic standpoint," Baly said.

But only 23% of Democrats feel the same way. So, what gives?

"The other side is saying that we are still seeing numbers go up. That's because more people are being tested," Baly exclaimed.

But, 76% of Democrats think that the worst of the pandemic is yet to come. If there's a silver lining in that, it's that back in April, almost 90% of Democrats were saying the same thing. Only 38% of Republicans say we haven't seen the worst yet.

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