Home Fitness Equipment in Demand

Previously closed gyms are re-opening, but many Houstonians are staying away. Going back to the gym may seem iffy to you and many Houston area fitness buffs are opting to set up fitness equipment in their homes.

Staying fit at home has become a popular alternative to the gym... according to Robert Reed, of Busy Body Home Fitness - Galleria. "I have never, in 27 years in the fitness industry, seen anything like we saw in March. Once the gyms closed it was utter Pandemonium." Reed says first it was small equipment like weights and dumbbells that flew out the door. Now larger pieces are being swept up. He hopes to keep supplies coming in. "We are having some issues with some of our vendors. We can - obviously - at this time assume they are having supply chain issues."

We're Home Alone Exercising

Reed, says in March (2020) smaller pieces were in demand. "All 9 of our locations, have not a single dumbbell, weights, bar, bench, tube, plate, cage or rack in their store. All of those items just flew out their doors." Reed says his delivery staff wears masks and gloves and spends as little time in people's homes as possible.

42% of Americans recently polled said they prefer their home gym set-up over their gym. membership.

Home Fitness Equipment

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