Conservatives See Supreme Court Rulings as Reason to Reelect Trump

Conservative legal experts are raising the alarm after Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts sides with the High Court’s liberals on several key rulings.

President Trump supporters are reminding voters the fate of the Supreme Court is at stake this November. Many feel like they can't trust John Roberts, who has traditionally been the swing vote, to side with conservatives. This week, Roberts ruled against a pro-life Louisiana law, similar to one that regulates abortions in Texas.

Carrie Severino is the President of the Judicial Crisis Network. She anticipates the makeup of the Supreme Court will be an important factor come November.

“Whoever is elected in 2020 will have many seats to fill on the Supreme Court. Do you want to have justices like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh who will overwhelmingly agree with these Conservatives, legal principles, or do you want to have someone who Joe Biden would appoint, probably to the left of Justice Ginsburg?” Severino said.

Severino also notes how it appears Roberts tends to fold under pressure from the left, the liberal elite, and the media.

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