The Army Wants You and 10,000 Others

Today (6-30-2020) begins three days of the Virtual Army Hiring Days.

Battalion Commander at U.S. Army Houston Recruiting Lt. Colonel Barry Winnegan says, "We are trying to hire 10,000 new applicants during this 3 day period. It's a good way to learn about the Army - and we have some exceptional benefits!" One of the benefits is an additional 2 thousand dollars for signing up during these Hiring Days. "We have 150 different Career Fields that qualify for joining the U.S. Army."

The United States Army field Band Performs

"There are several ways to contact us and get some information. We'll do some initial screening and go through a process that tells you exactly what you'll have to do to become a soldier in the U.S. Army." Click here to find more information.

To sum up his own experience in the Army, Lt. Col. Winnegan says, "The best part of it is being a part of a team - and doing something bigger than yourself."

U.S. Army Opportunities

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