Covid numbers don't tell you the entire story

The mainstream media has been screaming about the spike of COVID-19 cases in Texas. But they are glossing over some other numbers that would put this all into context.

What they tell you is what they know will grab your attention. Vance Ginn with the Texas Public Policy Foundation is that the numbers are very often, delayed.

"Some of the dashboards aren't functioning correctly. There is usually a dip over the weekend because some of the counties don't report," Ginn said.

Ginn also says that there are other numbers you should be paying attention to besides just total cases.

"Even as cases are increasing, we are not seeing an increase in deaths. That's another key point in this discussion," Ginn stated.

As for that, Ginn says Texas is improving, not getting worse. The fatality rate is about a third of what it was six weeks ago.

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