Wall Street has continued to flourish during the pandemic

Throughout this economic downturn the stock markets have remained a bright spot. A new survey finds most Americans remain confident about investing in stocks.

KTRH moneyman Pat Shinn says he's a contrarian; the majority is usually wrong.

"History has shown individual investors tend to do the wrong thing at the wrong time; they buy after things have gone up, assuming they're going to continue to go up. Conversely, they sell thinking that things are going to continue to go down, so they end selling near the bottom."

These days the stock markets swing violently from one day to the next; up a thousand one day and down a thousand another. But investors say they remain optimistic about the markets and Shinn may be even more optimistic than most.

"My own opinion is I think we're gonna be back to normal sooner than most of the survey people would imagine; I think 12 months from now we'll have a vaccine and the whole Coronavirus ordeal will be over."

In the survey, 60% of investors say now is a good time to invest in stocks, and almost 70% are confident it remains a good way to build wealth for retirement.

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