Watchdog Group Warns Texans Could Be Overpaying for Car Insurance

Several consumer watchdog groups says Texans may be paying more for their auto insurance than they should be amid the pandemic.

The Coronavirus crisis and the economic shutdown has led to a drop in car accidents and insurance claims. That means you should be getting some money back. But a new report claims nearly one in three of the top 40 auto insurers in Texas has offered no credit or refund to their customers. Ann Baddour with Texas Appleseed says you should double check with your insurance if you haven't already received a notice this year.

“If their insurance policy was based on driving a certain number of miles and they’re driving a lot less than what was on their policy, they can put that out as evidence that shows that their auto insurance rate should be declining,” Baddour said.

Baddour says her advocacy group and five others have contacted the Texas Department of Insurance in Austin about the issue, but have not received a response.

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