Abbott taking heat from the left ... and the right over COVID

Governor Gregg Abbott has talked about a possible second shutdown if coronavirus cases continue to spike. It's leading to some criticism from an area you might have have expected it from.

Those on the right are the ones that are going after the Governor. In fact, he's been taken to court during the pandemic. Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak says Abbott has a difficult balancing act to do.

"On the one hand he wants to preserve liberty, re-open the economy, and get people back to work. On the other hand we are seeing the coronavirus case number spike across the state," Mackowiak explained.

But the way he's talking has led some to ask why he deserves their vote if he is just going to do what the left wants.

"They don't have the responsibility he has. No one does. He is responsible for big cities like Houston and small cities like the ones in West Texas," Mackowiak said.

As opposed to some of his critics, who are looking at the smaller picture.

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