Conservatives Suffering Buyers' Remorse After Recent SCOTUS Decisions

It's been a rough week for conservatives, seeing their Supreme Court justices expand gay rights, while also delaying a possible end to DACA.

Josh Blackman at South Texas College of Law Houston says Justice Neil Gorsuch used his one mulligan by pinning gay rights in the workplace to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“I think it's a little early to say there's buyers' remorse on Gorsuch. I think everyone can make mistakes. This was a big mistake. But he made one here. Roberts though is something of a lost cause. He's on his own mission.”

Blackman says Chief Justice John Roberts appears to be ruling with the politics of the time.

“Chief Justice Roberts will probably declare the Louisiana abortion law unconstitutional,” he says. “He'll say they ignored precedent from the court before.”

“What he's doing I think weakens the court in significant ways. Because people view his decisions not based on the best reading of the law, but based on what is most acceptable of our time. And that is a bottomless pit from which you cannot escape.”

Bottom line, Blackman says conservatives are having a rough 2020. “I think conservatives will lose just about every case this term at the court.”