Christians Refute Activist Calling For Dismantling ‘White’ Jesus Images

A controversial Black Lives Matter activist says he's received death threats after calling on churches to take down images of Jesus, the Holy Family, and the apostles because they are “a form of white supremacy”.

Many are refuting Shaun King's Twitter statements this week. Recent efforts to bring down statues of confederate figures and founding fathers isn't enough. King says all ‘white’ depictions of Jesus are racist. Bishop Aubrey Shines, chairman of Conservative Clergy of Color, says the comments go against the Christian message.

“It is probably one of the most imbecilic positions any individual could ever take. [Christianity] was never about one’s ethnicity, it was about God reconciling man back to Himself, and it was through a sacrifice,” Shines said.

Shines notes the rich tradition of Christian art over the last two thousand years made by people of different races and ethnicities.

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