Can the faithful handle today's times better than others?

With everything that has been going on in 2020, maybe the faithful can handle things better than those that aren't as religious.

Pandemics. Protests. Those are just two things scratching the surface of what has been 2020. But maybe the faithful, those that are religious, have an easier time with this. Andy Hogue with the Travis County Republican Party says if that's true, there's a reason for it. The faithful realizes no human is perfect, and accepts it.

"Man often makes mistakes. We've seen it from Watergate to COVID-19," Hogue stated.

Hogue says there's a reason the better equipped to handle this than the non-faithful because of what they have been taught.

"We all believe that there is a coming apocalypse. There is going to be the growth in government authority and a general falling away," Hogue explained.

And since the faithful have already accepted that, it's easier for them to cope.

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