Americans Pushing Back on Efforts to Defund the Police

A majority of Americans are opposed to efforts to defund or disband the police. But you would never know it if you were listening to the mainstream media.

Despite weeks of rhetoric against law enforcement, there's a growing backlash against defunding/disbanding the police. Some smaller cities in Illinois have increased their police budget. In Eugene, Oregon, a crisis intervention team helps their officers. Conservative author David Horowitz says police are vital to many communities.

“They want their police. The black community and a large majority of it obviously wants the police, because they’re the only protectors, particularly poor and vulnerable blacks in the inner city,” Horowitz said in a Newsmax TV interview.

Horowitz who counters the liberal view in his book "Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win," says many Americans up until now have been afraid to stand up to anti-police protesters.

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