There's a lot of pent up demand for homes

Is now a good time to buy or sell a home? The answer is both -- it depends on who you ask.

Michael Weaster with Graham & Company Realty Group says it's a sellers' market.

"The housing market in the Houston area is hotter than a firecracker right now."

Weaster says buyers are getting into bidding wars.

"I'm selling over list price with multiple offers; people are getting in bidding wars. I'm actually, for the first time in probably ten or fifteen years, having buyers' agents ask if they can be a backup offer; it's unheard of."

Weaster says properties that were dogs before the pandemic are moving like hotcakes today.

"Everything that we've got, everything that I've got potential buyers looking at either have multiple offers or they're going over list price; it is an amazing time."

Weaster says many homes were shown virtually during the lock down but now seeing them in person is spiking the demand for homes.

But in some spots buyers might get lucky and find a home that wasn't shown virtually during the lock down and whose owner is motivated to sell.

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