Mainstream Media spins economic news to their advantage, too

The mainstream media doesn't just spin political news, or news about COVID-19. They spin financial news, too.

If we have good jobs numbers, the mainstream media ignores them, or they look for a bad metric. If Wall Street has a bad day though, they are all over it. Jake Novak of CNBC explains what's happening.

"The biggest bias of all news media is the bias in favor of negative or alarmist news," Novak said.

But there's also something else going on. They are trying to shape your opinion for November.

"The days when people thought that journalists were trying to play it down the middle are long gone. They consider themselves activists, and I have to give them credit for them when they admit it on camera,"

Which is why they don't credit the President for the economy he built, and why they gave President Obama a pass on the slowest recovery in history.

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