Justice Dept., Sen. Ted Cruz Call Out Google for Anti-Conservative Bias

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is confronting Google over its recent moves to silence conservative media outlets.

Senator Cruz sent a letter to Google this week after the big tech company cut advertising revenue for one conservative site, ZeroHedge, and warned another outlet, The Federalist, it would do the same. The transgressions were mostly focused on the comment sections of each site. Now, the Justice Department is proposing Congress curb the government protections Google and Facebook have had for supposedly being a “neutral” platform.

“They’ve made a conscious decision. They’re not going to be a neutral public forum anymore. Instead, they’re going to censor, they’re going to shadow ban, they’re going to silence the voices they disagree with, they’re silencing conservatives,” Cruz said in a Fox News interview.

Cruz has been threatening to regulate social media for a year over reported censorship of conservative speech.

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