Armed Group of Texans Plan To Protect Historical Monuments from Vandalism

A group of patriotic Texans say they want to stop the vandalism of our state's historical monuments.

Supporters of a group called This Is Texas Freedom Force say state officials aren't doing enough to protect important sites. They claim Black Lives Matters, Antifa, and others are plotting to damage Texas historical monuments over the next few days. Members of TITFF insist most protesters are not-violent, but they are concerned about the small percentage they want to do harm. So they're taking it upon themselves to drive across the state to physically defend them from looters and vandals. Brandon Burkhart is the group's President.

“We’re not going to shadow [potential protesters], we’re not going to verbally engage with them, we’re not going to do anything except protect the monuments. We will stand there quietly and we will defend our Texas history. That’s it,” Burkhart said in an online video.

Friday afternoon, they'll be in the small town of Gonzales. Saturday afternoon, they'll go to the San Jacinto monument in La Porte.

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