Trump pollster: Mainstream media skews polls to discourage Trump base

You've been hearing a lot about polls lately. And President Trump's main pollster says those polls are designed to do one thing; discourage the Trump base from getting out there.

“[Y] ou’ve got the mainstream media is so anti-Trump that … they’re doing polls that they know will be skewed, that will water down the Republican vote, will water down the Trump vote,” McLaughlin advised. “And then they’re putting out that in effect Donald Trump is going to lose. And it’s not true. They did this to us in 2016.”

And we know how that turned out. Political analyst Chris Begala agrees about the polls being skewed. And says there is something else going on, too.

"I would venture to say they are corrupt as well. There are so many examples over the years, like the exit polling for John Kerry," Begala said.

That polling didn't work out at all. Begala says the polls aren't just skewed and corrupt. They're bad.

"People at home are saying that they are not going to tell pollsters who they are voting for. Then they go out and vote for Trump. That's what happened in 2016," Begala explained.

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