University of Texas Alumni Upset Amid Demands to Drop “The Eyes of Texas”

Could the University of Texas ditch “The Eyes of Texas” fight song? That's what dozens of current Longhorn athletes are demanding. Now, the interim president of the University says he will meet with student groups to talk about possible changes.

No one has made any promises, but UT Interim President Jay Hartzell says he will listen. Amid nationwide calls for racial justice, the students are demanding the school drop “The Eyes of Texas,” which has a connection to early 1900's minstrel shows with blackface characters. They also want several campus buildings renamed.

Mark Pulliam is one of many outspoken alumni who are worried UT might give into their demands and erase a good portion of the University's history. If that happens, he says, a lot of donors won't want to give money to the school anymore.

“It’s almost a sense of betrayal by a football program to which almost all UT alumni have been extremely loyal, and now it’s turned political and they just can’t come to grips with it,” Pulliam said.

The athletes say they will play, but will not participate in donor events unless the school meets their demands.

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