Why have Turner, Acevedo waited so long to call for change?

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and H-P-D Chief Art Acevedo are pushing for reform following the death of George Floyd.

But here's the question. Turner was elected Mayor in 2015. Acevedo came here a year later. Why has it taken years for them to call for change?

"That's a great question to ask them," former Mayoral candidate Bill King said. Not only waiting so long to reform these things, but then frankly, doing them in a sort of half-hearted way."

King explains that what Turner and Acevedo are saying are one thing, but what they actually do is another.

"Based on the actions that have been taken you have to say that you can't expect any real change. I think there are some significant managerial changes that need to be made," King stated, adding that the city needs to figure out how they can make changes, protect us, and do all of that without breaking the bank.

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