This is a tough time to buy a new car

Many new cars, trucks, and SUVs are delayed until 2021. Usually the new models start appearing in late summer, but the pandemic has ruined that.

KTRH car pro Jerry Reynolds says some of the hottest sellers, like the Ford F-150, are delayed.

"If you're particular about what you want, you're gonna have to probably wait."

Reynolds says the hardest hit are those at the end of a lease.

"And they were waiting for the new model of what they had leased. So, they're gonna have to either extend their leases or make an alternate choice."

Reynolds says many makers, Chevy in particular, are low on inventory and some of the usual buying incentives aren't being offered.

"The incentives have gone down, they haven't gone away; they just aren't nearly as good as they were in May. There's no need for 'em with inventory in short supply, so that's what we're seeing in the market right now."

Some of the new vehicles delayed are the Nissan Frontier: moved to April 2021. Acura MDX: moved to October. Ford Mustang Mach-E: moved to September. Toyota Sienna 500B: moved to September. Cadillac Escalade: moved to August.

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