Bad news for Trump nay not be that bad after all

The polls all say there's bad news coming for President Trump. That is if you believe the polls. Or if you think the news is really bad.

The Real Clear Politics polling average has him trailing Joe Biden by eight points. The economy is suffering because of COVID. There has been rioting over George Floyd. But political consultant Joe Brettell says it's really not bad news.

"New unemployment claims are lower. The stock market and S&P 500 have erased nearly all the losses from March," Brettell said.

So there's time to turn things around. And, then there's Joe Biden, who many people think has lost his fastball due to age.

"You're about to really see whether this is really inexperience or rust, or whether this is really who he is right now," Brettell stated.

And if this is who he really is, Brettell says the next five month will be very painful for Biden.

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