Election 2020: The more things change, the more they stay the same

The American electorate is changing. But there are some things that seem to be remaining the same.

Race and education remain dividing lines. Pew Research says white men without college degrees tend to lean Republican while black women lean Democrat. This doesn't surprise U-H's Brandon Rottinghaus.

"The country is definitely embroiled in several political battles that are existential and policy based; all contributing to the great divide that we see," Rottinghaus explained.

The numbers also showed 34% of those asked said they were independent, something Rottinghaus doesn't buy.

"If they are pushed in a direction by a policy or a series of events or a candidate then they will probably side with a specific party," Rottinghaus said, adding that only 7-10% of independents are really and truly independent.

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