Liberal Love Incoming for Former President George W. Bush

Don't be surprised if you start hearing the liberal media say good things about former President George W. Bush. A group of former members of his administration have formed a Super PAC in support of Joe Biden. It's a move that's left some conservatives scratching their heads.

The newly formed Super PAC is called 43 Alumni For Biden. The title is a reference to the 43rd President. Some conservatives are calling them sellouts. Others are criticizing the Left for now embracing the same people they trashed while Bush was in office. Rice University Political Science Professor Robert Stein says the softening of liberals’ stance towards Bush 43 is partially a response to the current President.

“I think among voters there’s a sense that they would wish for much as George W and his father, but I’ve even seen people make comments about how Ronald Reagan would have been a preferred candidate,” Stein said.

Stein predicts the election will be a referendum on President Trump. He says even among democrats, Joe Biden isn't their ideal candidate.

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