Hey, what happened to social distancing? Have liberals forgotten?

Houston leaders used to warn us about social distancing. But we haven't heard much over the last week since the George Floyd protests began.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner had a meltdown after the video of a Memorial Day weekend pool party that was crowded went viral. Harris County Judge Line Hidalgo ordered everyone to wear masks and even tried to make you feel guilty by saying that you wouldn't want to "kill your grandma." But Turner said nothing about the 60,000 at the Floyd march Tuesday. Hidalgo has been quiet, too. What gives?

"It's all about priorities. Black Lives Matter is more of a priority," said Andy Hogue with the Travis County Republican Party.

Hogue told KTRH the left will say whatever fits their agenda at the time.

"Social distancing and masks are important, but it's not the most important thing on their minds," Hogue stated.

Which is why they are quiet about masks and social distancing now. It doesn't fit their narrative.

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