The left isn't even trying to hide who they are rooting for now

The left and liberal lawmakers aren't even trying to hide that they are biased when it comes to the George Floyd riots.

They are not on the side of the victims of these riots; the cops that have been attacked or the businesses that have been burned down. Rabbi Aryeh Spero from the American Thinker says they're supporting the rioters.

"The first duty of a Mayor is to protect his citizens. They are not doing that," Spero said.

The question is why they would do root for the people causing chaos. Spero says liberals like New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio don't like America as it is.

"His heart is with transforming society, and maybe even overturning society," Spero stated.

Because people like De Blasio and AOC blame capitalism for all of our problems.

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