Less people are paying attention to the election than they normally would

The George Floyd riots and COVID-19 pandemic have us paying less attention to the 2020 campaign than we normally would be at this time.

New polling shows 52% of you are paying close attention to the campaign. That's down from 59% in March. Political analyst Michele Maples says our attention is diverted by COVID-19 and the Floyd riots.

"These riots are like watching a train wreck. You can't take your eyes off of them. And you start thinking about whether or not the same thing is going to happen in Houston," Maples said. "Unfortunately these riots are just more captivating than anything Joe Biden has to say at this time."

That helps Joe Biden because he can't make as many 'mistakes.'

"The less attention that Biden gets, the better it is for him. Every time he gets on TV and says something silly, it hurts him," Maples stated.

The poll from Pew says four years ago, almost 70% said they were following the campaigns closely.

As for the mistakes Maples talked about, you can check out a collection of Joe Biden gaffes below.

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