Today is the start of what's expected to be an active hurricane season

The calendar says June first. That means we are now officially in hurricane season.

NOAA's forecast calls for 13-19 named storms, with 6-10 hurricanes and three major storms of Category 3 or higher. The Colorado State forecast predicts 16 named storms, 8 hurricanes and 4 storms reaching Category 3 or higher. Eric Berger at Space City Weather explains why the predictions are calling for so much activity.

"They are seeing lots of reasons, including sea surface temperatures that are warmer than normal," Berger said. "There are lighter trade winds and a potential for La Nina later this summer."

These predictions are being made in the middle of a pandemic. Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough says he's ready.

"Right now, in the middle of all this COVID, if we had to move quickly on a water event like we have done in the past, we could do it immediately," Keough stated.

But Brazoria County's Matt Sebesta says he's not getting many questions about the season, especially with the pandemic going on.

"We have had a few, but there haven't been near as many," Sebesta said.

And Galveston County's Mark Henry says the pandemic means extra preparation.

"If you are in one of the higher risk categories, make sure you have personal protective equipment for yourself. If you're evacuated, the place you go may not have enough for you," Henry explained.

Henry, Sebesta, and Keough all told KTRH should the need come up, they have the PPE they need, and that it is easier to find PPE now as opposed to six weeks ago.

We have already had two named storms; Arthur and Bertha. But if you're looking to read something into that, Berger says you shouldn't.

"That has not meant too much for the season; it does not mean it's going to be a super, super busy season," Berger stated.

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