Youth Sports Soon to Resume in Texas

In just a few day, kids will be able to play sports again in Texas. Local Little Leagues and youth camps are making plans to reopen safely, following the states' health guidelines.

There are two key dates for youth sports:

Sunday, May 31st: Programs can start practicing again but without spectators

Monday, June 15th: Teams can hold games or competitions, with or without spectators

Some local groups already have plans in place. The West University Softball Association is holding tryouts this Sunday for a summer tournament.

Little League will soon startup, but it will look different. Dan Velte, the Senior Director of League Development and Regional Operations for Little League, spoke about some of the changes last week in a television interview.

“You might not see kids sitting in a dugout setting. So, in order to properly social distance from each other, they may sit in the stands. One of the things we’ve talked about that may be a benefit is parents may have to sit in the outfield now,” Velte said.

For a list of guidelines from Little League, CLICK HERE.

For a list of state health guidelines, CLICK HERE.

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