Can you trust the COVID-19 numbers you're seeing?

The mainstream media was only too happy to tell you that 100-thousand people have died from COVID-19. Or did they?

Those numbers are being disputed by a lot of people. Brian Joondeph of the American Thinker says there's reason to believe the books are being cooked when it comes to how many people we have lost.

"People that die that may or may not have the disease; if they have respiratory symptoms or something that suggests that it could be related to coronavirus; they are classifying it as a coronavirus death," Joondeph explained, adding that this is what has been happening in New York.

Joondeph also says there is a reason the left is doing this without being checked by the mainstream media.

It's an election season, and they are going to try to pin all of this on the President. The higher the death count, the better," Joondeph said.

But research from Pew shows 25% of all U.S. COVID deaths came from 12 Congressional districts; all in New York, and all represented by Democrats.

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