Watch out for an extra pandemic charge on your bill

You might soon see a 'Covid surcharge' on your bill at a restaurant or salon. Businesses say they're making up for the sanitizing costs of making it safe for customers.

This woman was surprised by a $6 charge at her nail salon.

"It's unfair for their customers and especially their regular customers who've been going there for years."

We hear the phrase 'the new normal' a lot these days.

"I'm sad to say, I don't want this to be the new normal. Whatever their financial reasons are for doing it, it shouldn't be put upon us."

While restaurants around the country are adding a Covid surcharge the Texas Restaurant Association says it's not aware of restaurants doing this here. But some Texas restaurants have simply raised their prices.

Consumer advocates say businesses can do this if they're up front about it; a customer should know there'll be such a charge ahead of time. They say it shouldn't be a 'hidden fee' that catches customers by surprise.

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