FBI searches for person of interest in Corpus attack; Sen. Cornyn reacts

The Houston FBI office is not releasing details, but they are looking for a second person of interest or possible suspect in yesterday's terrorist attack at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi.

Texas Senator John Cornyn tells KTRH that unfortunately, he is not surprised this happened.

"The threat of Ismalmic radicalism is not just overseas. They continue to recruit," Cornyn said.

The Senator added that terrorists do not care if the world is going through a pandemic; they have their own agenda.

"They continue to look for individuals in the Unites States that they can radicalize through their propoganda online. That's why we can't let our guard down. It's still with us, and we have to deal with it," Cornyn explained.

The suspected shooter was killed. A base officer was shot, but was wearing a vest and only suffered minor injuries.

The FBI is urging anyone with information about the attack to call 1-800-CALL-FBI and took to Twitter to praise the "bravery and heroism of the NAS personnel" to quickly stop the shooter from entering the base.

You can hear what Senator Cornyn had to say about that and the possible new coronavirus stimulus package below.

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