You don't wanna hear the phrase 'okay, Karen'

Don't be a social distancing scold: experts say it can do more harm than good. Try to lead by example rather than make demands about distancing or wearing masks.

Professional counselor Shannon Thornton says take a breath before you scream at someone else.

"Just keep yourself in check; I think everyone's anxiety is high right now for whatever reason so just remember you can only control what you can control, you cannot even attempt to control other people."

Thornton says the Golden Rule -- do unto others as you'd have them do unto you -- applies here.

Thornton says we should reject the urge to scold.

"Let's be kind, I think if we can just all remember to do that and ask ourselves if what we're about to say or do is a kind thing or if we would want that done to us; that's usually the easiest way to know if something's right or not. Something that I live by is this: when in doubt, don't."

Thornton says scolding someone else for not distancing or wearing a mask could have the opposite effect; they'll just dig in their heels.

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