The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center needs your help

The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is looking for your help.

The center says they normally like to have a three day supply of blood on hand , but as of right now, they have far less than what they need. Theresa Pina, the Vice President of Operations, says they have less than a one day supply on hand right now.

"With surgeries starting back up, the number of units requires has increased. We started going through that blood much quicker than we had been," Pina explained. "With the number of donors that have declined the numbers are just not lining up anymore.

Pina says this is the second time since 2003 they have been this low. The first time was when the pandemic started a couple of months ago.

You can go to their website by clicking HERE, enter your zip code, and you can find out where you can go if you wish to donate.

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