Pandemic Could Change How We Migrate for Work, Health

The COVID-19 pandemic may not only dictate how we live, but where we live, too.

According to Politico, the global pandemic already has some asking why stay in a crowded city? Or a state which is slow to reopen its economy? College grads in particular may land in the first place that hires them.

“The impacts are going to ripple for quite a long time, both in personal decisions and how we see it in data and long term trends,” says Dr. Kyle Shelton, deputy director of Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

Shelton says we won't really know the impact of the pandemic for a few more years.

“We don't know how different regions are going to look and how different regions are going to come out from this process,” he says. “There are always areas that innovate and identify new growth sectors and attract lots of people.”

While the pandemic may impact where people choose to live, Shelton says family, salary and other factors always play a role too.

“There are going to be folks who say I want to work remote. That means I can work anywhere, so I'm going to look for family connections or environmental connections,” he says. “There are going to be folks who say I want to make sure I'm close to the respondents, or folks who have the resources and facilities.”

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