What is the impact of scientists turning partisan during the pandemic?

We have seen scientists like Dr. Rick Bright become partisan weapons during the COVID-19 pandemic. It could have long lasting impacts on the medical and scientific communities in the future.

The doctors who are most visible during the pandemic; the ones you see most on television, are siding with more restrictions and less with freedom. Republican strategist Jessica Colon says there's a reason for that.

"The groups to which doctors can belong have taken stances that are left of center at best. We are seeing that come to the center of the stage with the coronavirus," Colon explained.

The result is politics getting in the way of a fact based scientific search for a way out of this, and a waste of resources.

"We saw 60 million dollars from Harris County go out the window building tent cities at NRG for patients that fortunately never came," Colon said, which could be why more people around the country are trusting the scientists less than they used to.

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