Demand for Air Travel to Lag Behind At Least Until 2023

Advocates for the airlines are asking governments around the world to let passengers fly again. They say it will take years for the industry to fully recover after the economic shutdown.

Demand for air travel in the United States and Europe has dropped more than 90 percent since the start of the pandemic. That's according to the International Air Transport Association, which says travel won't rebound to pre-crisis levels until at least 2023. Industry expert Charlie Leocha, the President of Travelers United, says it's too soon to know if any one airline will go belly-up. However, he says companies will need to reassure travelers it's safe to fly.

“Once a passenger has comfort and has confidence that they’re not going to get sick once they get on an airplane, I think people, especially leisure travelers are going to start to travel again,” Leocha said.

He also said the next time you fly, be patient. As you will likely have to wear a mask, and wait between flights for airline staff to disinfect the plane.

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