End of Year Help for Home-Bound Students and their Home-Bound Teachers

If you have spent the last couple of months helping your in-home student with their remote school work, the Texas Education Agency has some help for you and their teachers in assessing how much your child(ren) has(have) learned. It's a FREE tool that the T.E.A. developed. Although it DOESN'T take place of the STAAR exam (canceled this year by Governor Abbot due to Covid-19), it's a good way to see how well you, your student(s) and administrators are doing. This is an OPTIONAL End of Year assessment that show what students have learned and where they can improve their knowledge and understanding of key subject matter heading in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Schools Re-open this Year?

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Texas family works on remote version of End of Year Assesment

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