Woodlands Congressman Brady: Stimulus proposal focuses on the wrong things

At least one Houston area Congressman will not be supporting what many are calling a liberal wish list.

A massive new stimulus bill could come to a House vote today. The three-trillion dollar bill provides more money for state and local governments hit hard by the pandemic, including for rent and mortgage relief, hazard pay for frontline workers and expanded mail-in voting. The bill would also provide another round of stimulus checks for Americans.

However, it also includes protections for illegal immigrants and student loan forgiveness, provisions that will surely quell any Republican support. Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady tells Houston's Morning News the spending measure was written without input from Senate Republicans or the White House.

"Our top economic priority ouhght to be those 36 million Americans who have lost their jobs, and make sure that these temporarily jobless aren't permanently jobless.

Brady also said the bill doesn't help the people that need it most.

"Help our local business bring their workers back. Help them remake their workplace so they are safe and healthy for their employees and customers. That's what I think our economic focus ought to be. Right now this bill does none of it," Brady explained.

The House will also take up the issue of proxy voting today.

You can listen to the entire Kevin Brady interview below.

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