Airlines Urge TSA to Carry Out Temperature Checks For Passengers

The next time you fly on a plane, you may have get your temperature taken. Some airlines are asking the TSA to add a temperature check to passenger screenings in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly is urging TSA officials to start temperature scans at checkpoints to make sure flyers don't get on a plane with a fever. As more Americans starting flying again, airline executives say temperature checks, face masks, and hand sanitizer will be critical. But others are skeptical about mandating them. iHeart Radio Aviation Analyst Jay Ratliff says a temperature check by itself doesn't tell you much.

“You can transmit the coronavirus absent of a fever. [That] tells me why in the world are we taking the temperature of people at airports? Again, it’s trying to get passengers to feel more comfortable about flying,” Ratliff said.

He also says he’s skeptical about some airlines wanting all passengers to wear face mask. Primarily because they don’t have strict guidelines on the quality of the mask.

“I’m not saying they’re a bad idea, but the idea that we’re promoting this as a way to protect passengers is just off base,” Ratliff added.

Neither the TSA nor the CDC has said they would carry out temperature checks. Right now, the decision on whether to require face masks is up to the airline.

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