Tubing Texans Slowly Return to Rivers, Lakes after Restrictions Lifted

Texans are hoping for some better weather in the Hill Country this weekend. That's because some are making plans to go tubing on the river.

Cities like New Braunfels have yet to see the large amount of visitors they're used to, but since Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifted restrictions on rivers, lakes, beaches and parks last week, summer hot spots are slowly starting to get more guests. Coley Reno is the owner of Texas Tubes, a river outfitter located along the Comal River.

“We haven’t been open long, and we’ve had rain every day. So, the weather is a big predictor of what we do, also. I think as the summer goes on, I think people are going to realize that this hundred degree weather, and they’ll want to get out more,” Reno said.

Last Friday, he reopened his shop, but with changes. His employees (like many businesses) are using disinfectant on tubes, and limiting the number of people they're transporting on shuttles. So, is going tubing really safe?

“I feel like it’s safe. I wouldn’t be open if I didn’t feel like it was safe. But it’s still up to that person,” Reno added.

Reno says some visitors have worn masks and gloves, which is encouraged but not policed. The governor has issued guidelines for public spaces that include social distancing and limitations on the number of people.

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