Google Searches Reveal Houstonians Want to Help Small Businesses Recover

Houstonians are interested in helping their community recover after the pandemic and economic downturn. A new study shows google searches in Houston for coronavirus-related causes spiked more than two hundred percent in the first three months of the year.

We know that when times are tough, Houstonians step up to help their community. Now we have the numbers that prove it's true.

In the midst of the pandemic, Google searches are revealing Americans want to help, whether it's searching for terms like “volunteering” or “donations”. Texans in general and Houstonians in particular are focused on helping small businesses make it through the downturn. Google searches in Houston for “small business hell” skyrocketed more than 1200 percent in the first three months of 2020.

Kylie Moore is the Outreach Manager with Digital Third Coast, the agency that analyzed the numbers.

“Other large increases include where and how to give blood, with an average 163 percent increase during those months. Also on Houston’s radar is helping healthcare workers and how to donate PPE,” Moore said.

It’s also clear Texans are ready to get out of the house. Searches for parks and beaches are up 16 percent.

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