Will travel deals overcome viral fears?

As you might imagine, airlines and cruise companies are practically giving away flights and cruises these days. But even at low prices, some might be leery about getting in a confined space with strangers.

Catherine Banks at Legacy Travel in Plano says right now some are afraid to leave the house, even to go to a drive-through.

"People are at different levels of afraid and so I think we're going to see different levels of embracing going back to travel.".

But Banks says some of the deals are so great they'll be difficult to resist.

"We have cabin fever; our economy has been dramatically impacted and so I think for people to get out of the house I think they're going to be taking advantage of some of the lower deals."

Banks says cruise ships are huge and you can practice social distancing.

"One thing I suppose we could possibly see is people more apt to book a balcony state room or a suite versus your inside cabin. Ya know, people have traditionally said 'I'm never in the room anyway' so I think we might see people booking nicer rooms because they might be in the room more."

Frontier is offering flights as low as $11 and Carnival is offering tickets as low as $59 a day.

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