Less Traffic In Houston Allows for More Roadwork on Major Highways

There's at least one positive to a month and a half's worth of staying at home. The Texas Department of Transportation says they've been able to get work done on the roads.

With less cars on the road, contractors and work crews have been able to make progress on major projects, according to TxDOT. That includes additional commuter ramps at 69 and 610 near the Galleria. It also has helped in ongoing work to widen parts of I-45 Gulf Freeway near the Harris County/Galveston County line.

“Work that would have taken months, we’re able to get that done in a few weeks. We have some major milestones and major work that we are trying to get done, and we’re able to do that with the lighter traffic conditions,” Danny Perez, Public Information Officer with TxDOT’s Houston District.

Perez says less traffic makes it easier to close additional lanes and move equipment. One warning though. Officials say they've seen drivers speeding on major highways when there's less traffic. They’re asking you to be cautious if you driving on major highways.

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