Millions of Americans Are Spending More Money While Social Distancing

Despite a pandemic and economic downturn, 58 million Americans say they're spending more money while social distancing.

Even though millions Americans are still staying at home, they are buying more. That includes, in many cases, non-essential items. Why? Jill Gonzalez, an analyst with WalletHub, which carried out a recent survey, says they’re “comfort buying”. That means shopping to relieve stress and/or boredom. So what are we buying? Gonzalez says entertainment is number one.

“Which makes sense, [that’s] your Netflix, your Hulu, your subscription packages while you’re working from home. Then second is alcohol. Bars are not making revenue right now. The liquor stores are actually having trouble staying in stock,” Gonzalez said.

Clothing and beauty products rank three and four respectively. However, online shopping doesn't fully relieve everyone's stress. 57 percent of Americans surveyed say they are concerned about package safety.

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