Streaming, Video-On-Demand Charting New Path for Hollywood amid Pandemic

One industry that is thriving amid the Coronavirus outbreak is streaming video. Netflix says it's added more than 15 million new subscribers just this year.

As Americans stuck at home stream their entertainment, movie studios are debating whether showing a movie in a theater first will be a viable business model post-pandemic.

Universal Pictures is promising Premium Video-On-Demand will not replace theatrical movies. That's after the studio butted heads with AMC and Regal theaters for saying they plan to release some of their films straight to VOD. In recent years, more high-profile movies are being watched at home.

Media analyst Rich Greenfield recently said in a recent interview with Yahoo you'll soon see more streaming platforms like Netflix. This, as film companies are weighing all their options in a world where consumers have many entertainment choices.

“Peacock if you’re a Comcast subscriber, you’re getting for free. If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you’re getting Disney+ for free. I’m a T-Mobile subscriber, I’m getting Netflix for free,” Greenfield said.

Analysts say movie-watchers aren't about to rush back to crowded theaters in light of the health emergency. Some say the future of the film industry itself is uncertain.

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